As part of the Aubrey community, we know the anxiety that can come with root canals and other endodontic treatments. This is why Paloma Creek Dental has come to be known as the leading provider of dental procedures in the area. We make a commitment to our patients and to each other to supply the maximum quality of maintenance and assistance throughout the entirety of your endodontic procedures. You will receive personal care and attention from a dedicated team of dental experts, and this will provide you with unmatched peace of mind to ensure that you reach your oral hygiene goals. We’re unconditionally devoted to treating our patients and each other with quality care and compassion. Our clinic is people-oriented, including years of expertise, diversity and intellect. We’re all about growing and learning in a calm atmosphere. From the moment that you enter our Aubrey, TX dental office, you will feel comfortable and listened to. We conduct a thorough dental analysis to help identify your issues, and we will talk you through your options to ensure you receive the care that you deserve. After you receive the best dental care available from our Aubrey dentist office, you will receive ongoing education and follow-ups to ensure you continue to have the healthiest smile possible.

When Should You Consider A Root Canal Treatment?

An endodontic treatment saves a badly hurt, chipped, or decayed tooth when its pulp (the soft inner tissue in a tooth root canal) becomes infected or inflamed. This means that when you work with Paloma Creek Dental, you will receive the treatments that you need to ensure the ongoing safety and happiness of your oral health. Here are a few of the most common symptoms that patients experience if they need to visit an Endodontist:

  • Gum disease, discoloration, or prolonged sensitivity to cold or heat
  • A tooth that’s tender when it’s touched
  • A tooth abscess (pus Included in the Cells of the jawbone in the tip of an infected tooth)
  • Pus drainage on your mouth
  • Swelling or tenderness in the lymph nodes under your mouth

When these symptoms are not treated immediately, even a tooth abscess (infection) can lead to the need for more advanced oral procedures like a root canal. If you and our dental team decided that a root canal therapy is necessary, you could expect the procedure to include several visits to our Aubrey dental office to complete the requirements. With good oral hygiene, the tooth has the potential to last a lifetime.

Professional Aubrey Root Canal Treatment Options

In the middle of your tooth is a soft element called pulp. This soft material beneath the surface of your tooth’s enamel is a set of blood vessels which helps to create the tooth. Infection of the pulp may be brought on by injury to the tooth, deep corrosion, cracks and chips, or even repeated dental procedures. Signs of this disease can be identified as noticeable swelling or injury of the tooth, sensitivity to pain or temperature in the gums and tooth. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should reach out to Paloma Creek Dental immediately, and our professional dental team will talk to you about your options. Once we provide you with a thorough dental analysis, we may recommend non-surgical therapy to get rid of the diseased pulp. Root canal treatment generally involves local anesthesia and could be performed in a couple of visits based on the treatment needed. Success for this sort of treatment happens in about 90 percent of instances. If your tooth isn’t amenable to endodontic therapy or the prospect of succeeding is unfavorable, you’ll be advised at the time of consultation or any time a complication becomes evident during or following treatment.

What Should You Expect As An Endodontic Patient?

Our experienced and compassionate Aubrey dental team will provide you with an extensive evaluation to diagnose orofacial pain and pulpal injury and find out whether the enamel is a fantastic candidate for endodontic treatment. This is a vital step to help you receive the proper care to cure your ailments and provide the best treatments possible. Non-surgical treatment to get rid of the diseased pulp is an option and our professional dental staff will work with you to determine if this solution is right for you. With this treatment the wounded pulp is removed, and the root canal system is wholly washed and sealed. This could help you find the proper treatment with the least amount of disruption to your daily life. Under certain conditions, microsurgery might be signaled. Paloma Creek Dental are specialists in doing this process, and we use sophisticated equipment to guarantee the best outcome.

What Should You Expect After A Root Canal?

After your Aubrey root canal procedure, you should talk with your dental expert at Paloma Creek Dental to ensure your ongoing success is achieved. We will talk with you to determine the best kind of recovery to ensure the overall success and improvement of your oral health. It’s uncommon for endodontic patients to experience complications following routine endodontic treatment or microsurgery. In case a problem does happen, we’re accessible at all times to react. To prevent additional decay, continue to practice good dental hygiene like watching what you eat and drink, and brushing your teeth several times a day.