Injuries and illness can strike anybody, and even when you’re the most attentive person to your oral hygiene, you or a loved one may fall prey to dental harm or tooth decay. If you suffer from a variety of dental issues and you’re not sure where to turn, then rest assured our Aubrey dentist is here to establish the very best restorative dental services now! Our Aubrey, TX dentists, can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile that they want with our specialist restorative dentistry. Restorative dentistry remedies can allow you to recover your confidence with an assortment of solutions to mend or and fix damage to your gums or teeth. You can expect our caring and professional Aubrey dental staff will assist you to attain a long-lasting grin that you enjoy!

Why Do You Need Restorative Dental Services?

If your teeth demand restorative dental treatments to achieve your oral hygiene goals, then you can rest assured by knowing that our Aubrey dental team will always listen to your needs and desires. Once we know what you are trying to accomplish we will provide recommendations to help you live a comfortable and healthy life. As you discuss your options and needs with our dental staff, you will learn that there are many reasons for professional restorative dental services, including:

  • Improve the look and health of your smile.
  • Fill in unsightly areas between teeth.
  • Boost or fix an improper bite.
  • Stop the loss of teeth.
  • Alleviate pain.
  • Fix broken and decayed teeth.
  • Replace lost teeth.
  • Change old, unsightly dental remedies.
  • Restore regular chewing and eating.

Traditional Crown & Bridge

If your tooth is lost a considerable part of its teeth, a dental crown will be the best sort recovery option since it’s a cap which entirely encircles the tooth. Our Aubrey patients adore working with us since we’re the trusted specialists for dental crowns and bridges. Every dental crown which we apply to our patients is customized to meet your own unique tooth’s size and shape. We know that having a natural and healthy smile is important for your self-confidence, and this is why our porcelain (tooth colored crown) is the most popular choice for patients just like you. These dental crowns are exceptionally durable and can last several years. Porcelain crowns are created to coordinate with the contour, size, shape, and color or your teeth providing you a natural, durable lovely grin.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

At Paloma Creek Dental, our Aubrey dental staff are here to help you use tooth-colored fillings to help you restore your teeth to their natural comfort and functionality. No matter the reason that you need tooth fillings, our team will work with you to find the best solution to ensure that your teeth look and feel great after your dental procedure. When the decayed area of the enamel is eliminated, a filling is crucial to replace the lost enamel to prevent the risk of advanced disease or other complications that can cause severe oral side effects. Traditionally, this has been achieved with silver amalgam but today we can finish dental restorations using substances that look natural therefore when you smile, nobody can tell that you had professional restorative dental procedures to remove your cavities.

Partial & Full Dentures

If you are like hundreds of our Aubrey, TX patients who have lost teeth due to accidents or illness, then you can rest assured that our family dental team know how to help you regain your confidence with a natural looking smile through partial and full dentures. If you’re missing a couple of teeth, then you may benefit from using dentures as they’re intended to closely resemble your present natural teeth. Dentures give many advantages to our patients since missing or cracked teeth may allow you to be unable to chew and may affect your facial nerves.

Root Canals

If you suffer from advanced stages of bacterial diseases and severe pain then you may need to consider a root canal procedure from our Aubrey dental clinic. The professional dental team at Paloma Creek Dental have the experience and knowledge that you need to perform a root canal if the nerve of a tooth is affected by corrosion or disease. To be able to conserve the tooth, the pulp (nerve and blood supply), germs and some other impacted tooth tissue are eliminated, along with the resulting area is full of an inert substance called gutta percha. Talk to the caring expert team of dentists at Paloma Creek Dental today to see if you need a root canal and learn your options for a healthier and brighter smile!


In some cases where our Aubrey dental patients were in advanced stages of tooth decay or other oral health issues, we have had to perform tooth extractions on impacted teeth. Tooth extraction is conducted through an intensive process to remove a tooth that’s damaged beyond repair by the socket at the jawbone. Extractions can also be performed to remove wisdom teeth which could be affected or cause potential issues. While tooth extractions are a highly invasive procedure, we have worked with hundreds of Aubrey patients just like you to help them understand their options and successfully perform the tooth extraction to help them reach their goals!