What Is A Dental Emergency: Your Takeaway To A List Of Accidents

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Dental crises happen more frequently than you might expect. In 2018 alone, there were over 2 million dental emergency visits. However, many dental issues are just dental problems that have gone untreated and result in oral discomfort and infection rather than a dental emergency.

Dental severe difficulties, including a missing tooth, a toothache, a chipped tooth, or problems with dental crowns, may not usually be considered dental emergencies. But, not to forget, some of these emergencies can be life-threatening and put you in your nearest urgent care in Aubrey, TX! 

Therefore, education about dental emergencies and what to do if an accident requires immediate dental care is essential. 

In this article, we are going to list some dental issues that can be called “dental emergencies.”

What Is An Emergency Dental Situation?

If you’re in pain, you might wonder if you can schedule an urgent consultation to identify and address the problem’s root cause. You might be able to see an Aubrey TX dentist sooner than you think if your emergency is a dental one rather than a medical one. 

A wide range of issues can qualify as a dental emergency, some of which include:

  1. Extreme dental pain – If you are experiencing severe dental pain, you may need to schedule an emergency dentist consultation.
  2. Bleeding – Uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth can be regarded as a dental emergency, so you should schedule an appointment with your dentist at once. 
  3. Broken Crown – A broken or entirely lost dental crown exposes your teeth, making them more prone to infection and decay. You might be able to avoid needing a root canal, extraction, or other dental operation by making an appointment for an emergency dental clinic visit to replace the crown.
  4. Fallen tooth –  If your tooth has been knocked out due to trauma or impact, scheduling an emergency dental visit right away may be able to save the tooth.
  5. Exposed nerves – Waiting to visit your dentist can make susceptible nerves a more agonizing experience. Consult a dentist immediately if you need to avoid infections, more nerve damage, or more involved emergency dental procedures.
  6. Infection – An oral abscess is a dental emergency since a severe disease may be lethal. You should contact your dentist immediately if you see any inflammation in or around your mouth or feel jaw knots.

Besides, some other frequent problems qualify under dental emergencies. Let’s find out more about it in the following sections. 

What Are The Typical Reasons For Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies can result from tripping and falling, cycling accidents, vehicle accidents, sports injuries, workplace accidents, and even car accidents. To avoid dental-related injuries, you should constantly take precautions and use the appropriate safety equipment, such as a mouthguard.

Drinking from glass bottles should always be done with additional caution, and hard candies should be avoided at all costs since they have a high potential to break or crack your teeth.

Do Toothaches Qualify As A Dental Emergency?

Even though you shouldn’t ignore it, a toothache isn’t necessarily a dental emergency. However, a toothache often indicates that you should have your teeth checked out and treated if you think you might have a dental problem or disease.

You must contact the Aubrey, TX dentist if you experience tooth, mouth, or jaw discomfort so they can determine whether you need to be seen right away.

How Can I Tell If The Issue I’m Having Is A Dental Emergency?

You don’t always need to get emergency dental care for dental problems you encounter. However, it’s advisable to call your dentist as soon as possible if you suffer direct damage to your mouth, teeth, or gums or are in excruciating pain. You might need to be seen immediately.

If not addressed soon enough, dental injuries might result in further severe dental and health issues. The best action is to be on the safe side and contact your dentist as soon as possible to be evaluated. The urgent care in Aubrey, TX, will advise you on the best and proper course of treatment to ensure the best results.

The Bottom Line

Whenever a dental emergency arises, it may be frightening and stressful. However, it’s critical to be responsible for the actions you must take to keep your dental health from worsening. Therefore, it is essential to consult an Aubrey, TX dentist if you or somebody in your care is having issues eating or drinking with an open mouth due to discomfort, swelling, numbness, or discoloration of the gums surrounding the teeth. 

Kick Out Discomfort With Your Trusted Experts!

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