Are Invisalign Aligners The Best Choice For Perfect Teeth?

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In the world of utter convenience, people look for the most desirable methods to get things done. The same holds for aligning their misaligned teeth. Therefore, don’t feel bad for wanting the perfectly white teeth as that like models from commercials and TV shows? 

While it’s not impossible or costly, many still consider it painful and time-sensitive. In addition, though metal braces offer effective results, they are hard to wear because they are most uncomfortable. 

Aubrey dental recommends Invisalign aligners to patients who’ve always wanted perfectly aligned teeth as a substitute. These are much more convenient options for most patients to bring their teeth in order. 

But are these aligners the best choice for you? 

Let us find what Aubrey clear braces dentists have to say about it. 

Do Invisalign Aligners Achieve the Purpose of Teeth Alignment?

Invisalign aligners have one purpose- to align your disordered natural teeth. So, Yes. Invisalign aligners do achieve the purpose of aligning your teeth.

They are also beneficial in fixing your bite apart from setting your smile right. That’s true! You can bid goodbye to problems such as underbite or overbite. Wearing transparent and crystal-clear aligners will help you get a perfect smile. These are the best choice to save yourselves the embarrassment of crooked-looking teeth. 

Talking about fixing your bite brings us to our next topic of discussion. Can Invisalign aligners make your teeth perfect? Let’s find it out in the sections below. 

Invisalign and Their Capability of Perfecting Your Teeth

People who desire the perfect smile opt for aligner treatment. But professional Aubrey dentists suggest clear braces as they also help you fix your bottom and upper teeth while ensuring complete oral health. 

These aligners have a design that helps them deal with your dental problems. Wearing these for 22 hours or more will make your teeth move to a proper position. Once you wear them for the required time, you will see the results that will make you confident about your smile.

Invisalign aligners are perfect for fixing your teeth but are they beneficial for treating other dental conditions? Let’s find out. 

Other Dental Conditions Treatable By Invisalign Aligners

While you might be in the dilemma of whether or not Invisalign aligners could get your crowded teeth to settle, they can! In addition, several other dental conditions can be cured under this section of orthodontics treatment. 

Invisalign can not only treat your crooked teeth and heal your gum tissue, but it can also treat other unwanted dental issues, some of which are: 

Gaps In Your Teeth

Professionals recommend wearing Invisalign aligners to treat the gaps in your teeth. Therefore, you should consider getting the aligner treatment if you have gaps between teeth. Why? Because it keeps you away from the risk of any infection or diseases concerning your gums. 

Perfectly spaced teeth protect you against potential cavities, giving you proportionately spaced teeth and a healthy mouth. 

Conditions of Overbite or Underbite

As mentioned, aligners can fix the issue of underbite and overbite by aligning your teeth. It is vital to treat this condition as it can lead to severe jaw pain. Underbite or overbite can also cause teeth erosion. Getting aligners can make this condition avoidable.

Now that you know the significance of this treatment, let us tell you how it works.

How Does The Invisalign Aligner Treatment Work?

After deciding to get aligners, you can visit Aubrey dental to let them take a digital scan of your teeth. It will help the orthodontist build a 3D image of your teeth and create customized aligners for you. 

Once it gets done, these steps follow in your treatment. 

Placing Aligners

The braces get placed under your teeth by the dentist. They will also teach you how to insert and remove them. 

Making Adjustments

The aligners will feel a little uncomfortable at first. It is because they will be exerting force to move your teeth in the proper position. The situation might lead to your feeling stiffness and tightness in your mouth.

Continuous Wear

You will have to wear your clear aligners for at least 22 hours. However, unlike wearing braces, you can remove them while brushing and eating. 

Visiting Your Dentist For Regular Follow-ups

Continous Aubrey dental appointments will ensure that your dentist knows the progress of the treatment. It will also help him assess his oral hygiene and other related factors. 

Once your teeth appear straight, you can stop wearing aligners. However, you might need to put on retainers every night before sleeping to maintain the position. 

Length of Your Treatment

Invisalign aligner treatment duration varies among different people. For example, the treatment might extend longer for people with more crooked teeth. However, if you wear them as per the prescription, the results might appear in the desired time. 

Contact Aubrey dental today and get your crooked teeth aligned by the experts!