Multiple Tooth Implant: How Many Tooth Can Be Placed By One Implant

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Have you lost a tooth because of gum disease or decay? Have you ever been injured and lost multiple teeth as a result? Are you sick of your smile’s blank spaces? A tooth Implant might be your best option if you said “yes” to any of these inquiries. 

Dental implants support new teeth that seem natural to replace a tooth with implants. Isn’t it time you joined the thousands of people whose smiles have been restored by dental implants? 

An artificial tooth can be supported with an implant of teeth. An easy option for restoring missing teeth is dental molar implants. 

You will emerge from the treatment with a stunning grin that appears and feels natural. However, you might require several implants to fix the issue if you have two or more missing teeth. Many teeth can be replaced at once by combining dental bridges and implants.

Contact a dentist in Aubrey, TX, to schedule dental transplant teeth to replace one or more teeth.

What Are Replacement Options There For Multiple Tooth Loss?

I can use one dental implant near me with just an extra tooth suspended from it if you need to replace two nearby teeth. 

If your teeth are not close to one another, two dental implants may be required in their place. A cantilever bridge is suitable for your scenario in such circumstances.

Bridges Supported By Implants

Two or more teeth in the same arch can be replaced with an implant-supported bridge. 

The process comprises inserting many implants acting as the bridge’s anchors. Compared to conventional fixed bridges, implant-supported bridges provide several advantages.

Bridges supported by implants might be more stable, enduring, and comfortable for you while producing no gum discomfort. If you don’t have enough jaw to support individual implants, implant-supported bridges are a good option. 

This location does not rely on the support of the adjacent natural teeth. To preserve the survival of your jawbone, the implants work as artificial tooth roots. Due to the absence of severe jawbone degeneration, implant-supported bridges aid in maintaining function and look.

The bridges by dentists in Aubrey, TX, also eliminate the need for adhesives to keep them in place when sleeping and do not need to be removed for cleaning.

Bridges function similarly to implant-supported bridges, except they can be removed and replaced. Compared to a fixed bridge, implant-supported partials may be more comfortable if you switch from standard partial dentures. 

For instance, you often clench and grind your teeth at night. If so, implant-supported partials are a comfortable alternative because they can be taken out and protected from harm because of their detachability. 

They work well as replacements if you have several missing teeth. However, because the component is detachable for washing outside the mouth, they are also difficult to brush and floss.

Benefits Of Multiple Tooth Implant Over Other Options

Multiple tooth implants have many advantages compared to fixed bridges and detachable partial dentures. For example, multiple tooth dental implants near me can restore teeth without the support of surrounding natural teeth while appearing and performing like natural teeth. 

Other popular procedures for multiple tooth loss, including permanent bridges or removable dental dentures, rely on the assistance of neighboring teeth.

Another significant benefit of many tooth dental implants is that they don’t need to be maintained as time-consumingly as detachable partial dentures, which need to be taken out and cleaned after each meal and soaked overnight. 

Instead, the same daily flossing and brushing techniques advised for natural teeth must be used to care for many dental implants.

Additionally, your bone would be more conserved because dental implants for many teeth will substitute a few of your tooth roots. Dental implants merge with your jawbone, preserving your natural smile and helping to maintain bone health.


Consider replacing your missing teeth, whether you have one or several missing. Your jawbone will deteriorate rapidly the longer you wait to replace missing teeth.

A dental implant is a practical solution for tooth replacement. They may all be set up simultaneously by one person. But a patient needs to consider several factors. 

These factors include the number of teeth which need to be changed, the price, the length of time, and the stability. Your oral surgeon can advise you on how many implants you require and whether it is best to replace them all at once.

Leave Your Dental Care To The Experts

Your overall dental care can be at risk when you are thinking of undergoing multiple implant procedures. However, what if we told you it shouldn’t be this way? With professionals at Paloma Creek Dental, you’re only a few consultations away from getting the right implants for oral health. Don’t stay confused; walk into our clinic or call us today at 972-347-1090